About the Manufacturing Industry and Labour Market Briefly

About the Manufacturing Industry and Labour Market Briefly

A total of 252 companies in the industry chain of new energy vehicles announced in the first quarter of 2022 that more than 90% of upstream raw material companies increased performance, with the highest gross margin of nearly 80%. The rising price of raw materials affects the middle stream battery manufacturing enterprises, and their profits are squeezed. Automobile enterprises have become the largest pressure party under the “inverted triangle” structure of new energy automobile industry chain profit.

With the release of upstream raw material supply end capacity, the policy end, and the car enterprise end of the force, the penetration of new energy vehicles in the global market will usher in a new round of acceleration, and industry prosperity is expected to continue to improve.

In specific positions, smart car chip development and advanced semiconductor chip development saw the highest salary increase, followed by consumer application developers, big data scientists, and business intelligence analysts, with more than 40 percent salary increases. In addition, smart manufacturing and mobile robot R&D positions have seen salary increases of more than 35%, while cloud computing infrastructure positions have seen salary increases of more than 25%.

In 2021, high-end talents prefer locally listed companies or start-up companies, and personal development and enterprise development prospects become the most concerned job-hunting factors besides salary. The epidemic has also changed the labor market environment, with flexible employment more widely adopted and the proportion of job seekers choosing flexible employment. After working remotely for long periods, job seekers want more freedom to arrange their work according to their actual situation.

Compared with the pre-COVID-19 survey in 2020, the top three industries in 2022 are new energy vehicles, medical and health care, and finance. Compared with 2020, the salary increase for new energy vehicles and medical health is 15%, and for the financial industry is 10%. Among the leading industries for salary increase through job-hopping, the chip industry will have the highest salary increase, with an increase of up to 50%, followed by new energy vehicles with an increase of about 40%, and medical and health care with an increase of about 30%, ranking third.