JC Consulting and Ergomed Discusses Biotech Industry’s Business Globalisation Strategy

JC Consulting and Ergomed Discusses Biotech Industry’s Business Globalisation Strategy

JC Consulting and Ergomed Discusses Biotech Industry’s Business Globalisation Strategy

Globalisation has become a key buzzword among Chinese companies in recent years. To support biopharmaceutical firms in their ambitions to break into international markets, Ergomed and JC Consulting hosted the inaugural Biotech Horizons conference at Shanghai’s Wand Reign on the Bund. Held on the evening of March 21, the event attracted a distinguished gathering of CEOs, CMOs, executives, and seasoned investors.

The conference centred around in-depth discussions on clinical developments and biopharmaceutical businesses’ global expansion. It commenced with welcoming remarks delivered by Dr Miroslav Reljanović, Executive Chairman of Ergomed, and Jason Ji, the founder of JC Consulting.


Strategies for Enhancing Clinical Trial Performance

ergomed julie moritz clinical development strategy for biotech businesses

The conference’s opening session featured Juliet Moritz, Ergomed’s senior executive, who discussed strategies for partnering with KOLs and sites in the US and Europe to enhance clinical trial performance. 

Moritz has over 30 years of global biotech research experience across phase I-IV trials and various therapeutic areas, particularly in rare diseases, advanced therapies, and complex trials. Leveraging her industry experience, she offered extensive insights into managing clinical development abroad, particularly in the US and European markets. Her expertise provided valuable answers to the pressing questions many executives have about the clinical trial aspect of globalisation.


Key Considerations for Biotech Business Development

lianbio head of clinical development leading biotech business development speech

The second part of the conference delved into the key considerations for clinical data from an MNC business development (BD) perspective. Levvy, Global Head of Clinical Development at Lianbio, led the segment, which featured insights from two senior BD executives, Dr Joyce Pei and Dr Leslie Boyd.

Dr Pei, who has managed over 30 deals with MNCs and biotech firms, currently serves as the CBO (consultancy) for an up-and-coming biotech enterprise. She boasts an impressive career history at notable companies in the industry, including Roche, Merck & Co., BMS, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Simcere, Sihuan/Xuan Zhu, Duality, and Qilu.

Dr Boyd, who served on the executive leadership team of GSK’s R&D Worldwide Business Development from 2007 to 2016, is a seasoned licensing executive. His expertise spans in-licensing, out-partnering deals, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and spin-outs with aggregate deal values exceeding US$6 billion.

jc consulting and ergomed biotech horizons industry event

The insights shared during Dr Pei and Dr Boyd’s discussion shed light on the dynamics of collaboration between Chinese biopharmaceutical firms and multinational corporations (MNCs) in clinical trials. The illuminating perspectives stimulated active participation and engagement among the event attendees.


Driving Globalisation Success with Strategic Partners and HR

As partners, Ergomed and JC Consulting are united by a shared vision of supporting Chinese biotech companies in expanding their global footprint. Ergomed brings profound clinical development expertise from the European and American markets. Coupled with JC Consulting’s proven success in recruitment and building teams for clients to drive their success abroad, both parties emerge as vital pillars of support in businesses’ quest to set up operations abroad.

ergomed miroslav reljanović biotech industry conference speech

In a dialogue about the future direction, Dr Miroslav Reljanović, Executive Chairman of Ergomed, reflected, “As a leader in the clinical development field, driving advancements and innovation has always been at the heart of what we do at Ergomed. We recognise the dynamic and innovative contributions of Chinese biotech firms to the global arena. Looking forward, we are excited about deepening our collaboration with Chinese firms and helping them venture abroad and establish their presence in the global biotech market.”

jc consulting jason ji biotech globalisation strategy speech

Building on this, Jason Ji, founder of JC Consulting, emphasised, “Globalisation is undoubtedly becoming a prevailing trend. Yet, achieving international success demands a thorough understanding of the local market to avoid potential obstacles related to areas such as compliance and localisation. To achieve synergy through going global, firms need precise talent and recruitment strategies. Our executive search firm’s strategic locations in major business and financial centres like China and Singapore equip our consultants with the breadth and depth of knowledge about global markets. We’re confident in our ability to support biopharmaceutical companies in their global ventures.”