JC Consulting Welcomes Two Recruitment Experts In The Hi-Tech Industry

JC Consulting Welcomes Two Recruitment Experts In The Hi-Tech Industry

We are delighted to announce two new recruitment experts, Starry Li, Director of the Hi-Tech, and Daisy Zhu, the Principal Recruitment Expert of Hi-Tech, to join the JC Consulting Shanghai office.

Starry Li has five years of headhunting experience and has been focusing on the field of automotive forward research and development. Be good at intelligent cockpit software, autopilot algorithm, and other functions. Before joining JC Consulting, Starry worked as a senior partner of the automobile in a well-known headhunting company and won the top biller and top leader awards many times. In addition, Starry and her team have helped auto customers build R&D teams many times.

For Business Inquiries: starry.li@jcconsulting.sg

Daisy Zhu has been engaged in the recruitment of automotive electronics research and development industry for more than 5 years, and she has been focusing on the intelligent cockpit, ADAS, basic software, EE direction functions; Prior to joining JC Consulting, she worked as a consulting Manager for a well-known headhunting company and won several Top Biller awards.

For Business Inquiries: daisy.zhu@jcconsulting.sg

Jason Ji, the founder of JC Consulting, said: “We sincerely welcome Starry and Daisy to our JC Shanghai Office. Starry and Daisy are deeply involved in intelligent technology, especially in the automotive and smart cockpit fields. They have rich experience in the industry and have successfully provided recruitment services to many clients and helped them build the R&D team from scratch. I believe their joining will further increase our competitiveness in the market and the ability to serve clients in the smart technology field. Furthermore, it will enable us to bring our one-stop recruitment and consulting services to an even higher level to our valued clients and candidates.”