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The automotive and new energy sector is undergoing a shift in focus to developing vehicles based on consumer trend data rather than on traditional production models. New vehicles introduced in the market strive to offer consumers a more enjoyable driving experience with energy-efficient technology and improved safety features.

Companies and business leaders in this sector are empowered to make big decisions because they have the best talent and resources to see their innovative ideas into fruition. We partner with manufacturers, producers and other key industry players to provide professional strategies for their recruitment, succession planning and organizational design needs. We ensure their benefits and incentive packages are competitive so that they retain experienced experts in the field while also attracting new talent.

We focus on getting organizations in this sector future-ready with targeted talent acquisition frameworks. Our keen understanding of the local market and close relationship with industry experts allow us to provide timely and impactful insights. We help clients create new teams to diversify market interests, build boards with successful industry players and identify new growth areas for research and development.

As industry trends indicate a move towards renewable energy and smart vehicles, it is crucial our clients get the necessary support to remain relevant and at the forefront of innovation. Our positive track record runs across multiple corporate functions that include sales, marketing, R&D, human resources and management. This combined with our wide network across various regions, reinforces our in-depth knowledge of the talent market.

We provide a one-stop business consultancy service to give clients the intel they need, based on their geographical location, to make informed decisions and steer the company towards greater success.

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