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In today’s competitive business landscape, success is tied to people, and the importance of each hire is magnified, especially when it comes to your Human Resources (HR) leader.

To address both the immediate needs of a business and support its future growth, HR executives bear the responsibility of developing talent strategies that align with long-term strategic goals. In a world marked by change that continuously reimagines the landscape of work, HR leaders also need to be forward thinkers, unafraid to push boundaries to help firms adapt and thrive.

Effectively executing these duties requires the leader responsible for talent recruitment to be best in class to propel your business forward rather than leave you playing catch-up. However, the search for such high-calibre professionals can be challenging, and this is where JC Consulting can bridge the gap to enhance your human capital capabilities.


Advantages of Choosing JC

Consultants from our Global HR Practice team have close to 10 years of experience in mid-to-senior-level HR executive search and consulting.


1. Extensive Talent Network

Over the years, we’ve conducted regional HR executive search and recruitment work for diverse clients, including global MNCs, startups, SMEs, and locally listed companies across multiple industries. This has allowed us to establish a strong presence in Asia, especially Singapore and China, and foster warm connections with leading HR talents across verticals.

Many of these professionals have proven track records in change management and a deep understanding of cultural and market nuances. Our rich experience and talent pool enable us to effectively rise to the job of supporting your organisations, regardless of your stage of growth and the market you operate in.


2. Talent Matching Beyond Paper Qualifications

Driving the long-term success of our clients and candidates is at the heart of what we do. That is why we deeply immerse ourselves in understanding your business, recruitment needs, and goals as intimately as you do. We then comprehensively assess potential hires in areas beyond mere qualifications and experience, including their personalities and core values. This thorough approach assures that we connect you with HR professionals who are great fits for the job and your company’s culture.


3. Breadth and Depth of Expertise

With offices strategically located in Singapore, a key business hub in APAC, and China, a major global economy, we also have our pulse on the latest market developments. Coupled with our daily communication with HR professionals across the region, you can trust our executive search consultants to be armed with up-to-date market intelligence to help you stay ahead of the competition and attract coveted HR candidates.


Recruit HR Leaders Who Bring Out the Best in Your Team

The awards and recognition our executive search firms in Singapore and China receive attest to our ability to deliver bespoke HR strategies that drive our clients’ and candidates’ success. Have a job that needs filling or looking for fresh opportunities? Connect with our HR executive search consultants today.

HR Executive Search Experts

Many of our executive search consultants are former industry practitioners and have experience in recruiting for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Tailored ApproachTailored Approach

    We invest time in understanding the strengths and goals of each organisation and individual. In doing so, we provide precise talent recruitment solutions that connect clients with the right HR leaders who can make a difference.

  • Quality ServiceQuality Service

    We take pride in our service excellence. We endeavour to deliver personalised support so our clients can have a worry-free HR recruitment and consulting experience every step of the way.

  • Long-Term SolutionsLong-Term Solutions

    We are with you in the long run. That is why we also offer market insights alongside forward-looking strategies to help your business adapt to the market of tomorrow and drive sustained success.

FAQs About HR Executive Search & Recruitment

The key difference between an HR recruiter and a headhunter lies in their specialisation and depth of expertise. HR recruiters, whose role is mainly operational, typically handle positions across all levels and focus primarily on filling the vacancies efficiently. On the other hand, HR headhunters specialise in recruiting mid-to-senior-level HR professionals.  

Working with an HR executive search consultant like our team at JC Consulting comes with several advantages: 

Time and Cost Efficiency: Recruiting for senior-level roles in-house is often lengthy and resource-intensive, often coming at the opportunity cost of other business endeavoursHR executive search consultants, who focus solely on HR recruitment, can expedite the process, freeing internal teams to pursue other strategic initiatives. 

Wider Pool of Suitable Candidates: Compared to in-house HR teams, executive search consultants often have more extensive industry connections within and beyond Singapore. They also engage more with each candidate, which, allow them to help firms access a broader pool of qualified talent who are often also better suited for the job. 

Confidentiality: Finding candidates for senior and C-level roles can be challenging, given that such searches often require confidentiality, and working with headhunters can overcome this challenge.

Our HR practice team at JC Consulting recruit for mid-to-senior-level roles across various HR functions.

Clients: To discuss your HR talent needs or request for examples of our successful case studies, speak to our recruitment consultants today. 

Candidates: For executives and C-suites seeking fresh career opportunities, we invite you to submit your resume to us at We are always on a look out for new profiles. 

Beyond precise, tailored executive search and recruitment strategies, JC Consulting’s HR Practice also provide strategic HR consulting services to support other aspects of your business needs. Some of these include: 

  • Succession planning; 
  • Salary benchmarking; 
  • Advice on organisational design; 
  • Expansion and localisation in new markets.  

When required, our HR Practice team also collaborates with executive search consultants from other fields of specialisation, such as:

Achieve Your Goals for Growth with Us

As leaders in executive search and business consulting, we empower people and enable businesses by building successful partnerships and providing the right resources.

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