Reach New Heights With The Right People To Take You There

At JC Consulting, we push the boundaries of recruiting. As an award-winning executive search and business consulting provider, our team of passionate recruitment consultants are on a mission to empower people and enable businesses to reach their full potential. With our bespoke solutions and a sound talent acquisition strategy, we journey with our clients to build robust teams in their organization with the right employees to take their business further.

Sustainable business growth and groundbreaking changes do not happen overnight. For our clients, we provide professional advice on untapped market potential and discover new areas for business expansion. For our candidates, we stay by their side as their careers advances to provide the right opportunities to enable them to achieve their dreams.

We aim to be your lifetime business partners to take you where you want it to go.

Reach New Heights With The Right People To Take You There

Our Capabilities

JC Consulting

Executive Search

We specialize in contingency & retained executive search.

Our stellar track record in executive search lies in our ability to identify and attract highly sought-after talents. Our targeted approach to recruitment consists of proactively reaching out to and conducting a holistic assessment of potential candidates. This takes into account their motivations, career goals, skillsets, and personality, and so on.

Each Industry has a dedicated team of specialized consultants. Our consultants have years of recruitment experience and a deep understanding of the dynamic talent market in various geographical regions. These insights allow us to be precise and accurate when selecting the most suitable candidates for our clients.

JC Consulting

HR Consulting

The key to business success is its people. Organizations must adapt to keep up with changing perceptions of work. They must also strategize if they are to attract and retain executives and employees of the highest caliber. As a leading business consultancy, we partner with organizations and work with them to make HR decisions based on data and market insights. We pay close attention to emerging trends and analyze the implications they may have for our clients with offices in more than one geographical region. Our HR consulting services include but are not limited to salary benchmarking, succession planning, and organization design. We provide a customized solution in accordance with the needs of our clients.

JC Consulting

Business Consulting

Every business is unique. Empowered by our deep industry knowledge and comprehensive understanding of our client’s goals, strengths, and challenges, we provide bespoke business consulting services. These include in-depth research and analysis on potential new markets, business growth strategy proposals, or advice on organizational design changes to scale their business. But we don’t stop there. We help our clients make wise decisions by providing value-added services with our industry experts. We also bring onboard external business partners who have the knowledge our clients require to helm new teams or guide existing ones to further success.

JC Consulting

New Markets Advisory

Our forte is in building a bridge that connects businesses in Asia, with a key emphasis placed on China, to the rest of the world. Our clients in Asia look to us when they are exploring the option to set up international offices or regional headquarters. We conduct in-depth market analysis, strategic planning, and comprehensive research before proposing an accurate solution. This is how we prepare and equip our clients with the right resources to make their entrance into these new markets seamless and successful. We add substantial value by being able to discern important cultural insights and open communication channels and networks for them. We also work closely with international clients eager to come to Asia to tap on our unique position in the market and sound expertise in specific industries and functions.

Our experienced and, committed consultants play a pivotal role in providing these value-added services to our clients. Read more about our consultants here

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As leaders in executive search and business consulting, we want to help you achieve your goals for growth with the best people and resources by your side.

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