2022 Market Insights of Technology Companies in Southeast Asia

2022 Market Insights of Technology Companies in Southeast Asia


In recent years, Singapore Government investment in technology and the local start-up ecosystem continued to fuel the growth of start-ups which, in turn, encouraged established firms and organisations to accelerate their digital transformation programs.

Leading tech companies from China and the U.S are expanding their business in Southeast Asia and making Singapore as their regional Headquarters. Companies are exploring emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and are looking for data scientists and architects to help manage their data. There is a shortage of skilled domestic talent and employers may have to look overseas to secure the talent they need. However, the global pandemic makes travelling and relocation even more difficult besides the policy to prioritize the opportunity for local employees.


Hot Recruitment Trends

Software Engineers

The strong software engineers are always needed for both global internet companies and local start-ups. Companies are willing to pay good salary package, benefits and stocks option for the talented and experienced software engineers. Moreover, DevOps and SRE are also hottest positions due to the development for cloud computing. DevOps engineers connect developers and operation experiences with up-to-date knowledge about the newest cloud infrastructure innovations to provide optimal and consistent environments. And so do the Network Engineer and Data Centre Engineer since infrastructure plays more important roles in supporting the operation of data services.

As companies review short and long-term project requirements through the lens of enhancing the customer experience, roles in development, UX and design, customer engagement, product management and business analysis are highly sought-after. Demand continues to remain strong for staff who need to support and help build the organisation’s digital capabilities from the ground up, such as cloud platform transformation and DevOps. They also need experts to help avert future digital issues, as well as considering governance and privacy policies before developing an app or website.


Product Managers

The growth of the digital economy has accelerated tremendously in Southeast Asia (SEA). A recent Google-Temasek study estimated that the eCommerce sector in SEA will surpass USD 100 billion by 2025. The year of lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing pushed more consumers online. The once-gradual growth of digital commerce saw a dramatic spike in 2021 as brick and mortar stores suddenly had to rely on online sales for survival.  We are now seeing e-commerce businesses expanding both regionally and globally.

As businesses everywhere accelerated their digital transformation plans, product managers were elevated to more strategic roles in their organizations. Great product managers typically needed a broad range of knowledge across every aspect of the product development process. But with the role increasing in importance and organizations developing larger product teams, we will see a growing specialization as product managers begin to focus on specified areas. Product-related job ads demonstrate that businesses are already seeking specialists in areas like penalization, platform components, enterprise level, user growth, mobile experience, and operations.


Future – AI Scientists

Singapore is certainly keen to hitch the AI arena and reap the rewards of enhanced automation and efficiency. However, we see to stay in the initiation phase for now with businesses waiting to ascertain how disruptors fare before taking the leap. By preparing and that specialize in the vital pillars for AI success (1. following official and ethical rules, 2. keeping watch on machine bias, and 3. protecting the access cycle), businesses will remain at the forefront of tech innovation. By appreciating and following guidelines with their own data security measures, companies can ignite their journey to an AI-centric future.

As artificial intelligence and cloud computing are at the forefront of innovation, artificial intelligence architects, artificial intelligence engineers, and cloud solution experts will become the most popular technology professionals in 2021, especially in Singapore. The government’s “Smart Nation” program also accelerated talent demand.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to talk about artificial intelligence without mentioning cloud computing, and vice versa. One of the biggest goals for technology professionals this year will be to increase business flexibility by using AI models to support cloud computing deployments. There is now a firm focus on artificial intelligence engineering to ensure the reliability and scalability of artificial intelligence models. Artificial intelligence is expected to greatly affect IT operations, software development, and DevOps.

As more companies set up core R&D positions in Singapore, the top-notched AI candidate have also become popular.  Many international companies choose to set up AI Lab or department in Singapore, which also allows Singapore’s top AI scientists to find positions suitable for their career development in Singapore, and at the same time attracts top scientists from overseas research institutions to settle in Singapore. This makes Singapore more competitive in the future development of AI area.